“We should attract tourists to Ingushetia”

Permanent Representative of the Republic of Ingushetia in Moscow Waha Yevloyev answers questions raised at the site of the Permanent Mission. The event was held with the help of the informational support of Vestnik Kavkaza.

– What are today the main priorities and directions of the activity of the republic’s leadership in the economic and political life of Ingushetia?

– Today we have priorities – the development of education, health and culture. The 20th anniversary of the Republic was great in the summer amphitheater – before that we could not hold such events. We saw that people came with enthusiasm and enjoyed the event. Also in the area of health we have opened a number of community facilities, which now for us mean a lot, because infant mortality was very high, the citizens of the republic had to suffer the inconvenience to travel to other republics, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov, Kavminvody. It is expensive, not everyone has the opportunity, and I believe that the head of the republic has done very much to move it forward. We feel it, and the people of the republic thanks. Republican leadership today focuses on young people and provides them with labor. It is very encouraging to note that many children now study in Moscow, in technical schools. I think that we have pretty much done, and gifted children are coming today to various activities of Russian scale, and already we are tired that all the time we win. Sometimes doubts creep: are we so smart? .. We had a three-shift school, this was very hard, and we have overcome this now – now we have two-shift school. We are trying to improve the educational climate in the republic. This is all achieved by those who are patriotically implementing that policy into practice. I would also like to stress the cultural aspect: in this year, the head of the Republic ordered the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of National Affairs in conjunction with the Permanent Mission to visit a number of areas where we held the anniversary of the republic, thus presenting folk groups of the republic, the young talents of the republic, that we have – in Yalta our little girl, Khanieva, has become the winner. Also at the Eurovision Song Contest for children, where there were many participants, there also was Lema Nalgieva, the favorite of the republic. Young girls have already shown their young talent. I would like to stress – in sports to date very much is done to attract more young people to the sport. We have a good start, which was made by the Olympic champions of the Beijing Olympics – Rakhim Chakhkiev and Nazir Mankiev, an example of which was followed by young men who were selected for the Olympic Games in London. Magomed Musayev got a very good fight, and his getting to the Olympics means a lot. This suggests that the sport is evolving and it is very encouraging to note that champion for professional fights, Ahmed Kotiev, manages sports with professionalism, with heart, doing everything possible to develop and motivate the children. As for fighting in the mountains, there was a huge influx of about 15-20 thousand people. Emelianenko brothers arrived, special guests from around republics and countries. We want to make the competitions of such a nature permanent. Head of the republic has made and convinced that it is necessary to include in the tourism cluster and the Republic of Ingushetia. Company “Acropolis”, headed by Senator of Ingushetia Ahmed Palankoyev, who took on the burden of funding … It’s a long term project, but it has been funded. This year we were unlucky with the snow, but in general, everything was ready, because the head of state set a task to ski. It did not happen, because the conditions were not favorable. But I think that by next winter we will have a beautiful, nice ski run, where not only fans of our country, but also fans of other republics and other countries can come to ski, look at the beauty of the mountains, to get acquainted with the identity of the people living there – it is also one of the priorities to attract tourists and interest, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the republic.

– In what activities is Permanent Mission of Ingushetia engaged?

– Our duty is the relationship with the federal government of the republic, the passage of all economic processes. There are a lot of economic issues that we have to solve for the republic through Permanent Mission. In more than 60 regions we have permanent representatives of the republic. It is gratifying to note that 99% work on a voluntary basis. They responded when the head of state has set the task to work in the regions.

– How can one get to an internship at Permanent Mission?

– We will gladly accept an internship, we would like to invite people not only from our republic, but also from other republic. Russia is united, we with great pleasure take people from the other republics.

– How did you see your own republic at the peak of your athletic career?

– It was so long ago. I was the champion of the USSR in 1977, 1978, 1979, And then there was no republic, there was the Chechen-Ingush unified republic. But always, of course, it was hard to admit – we did not have any gym in the Ingush villages. Today, passing all the areas, I am very pleased that in every area we have a great gym, a swimming pool,
My work has been justified by the fact that I was not lucky and had big injuries. In 1982 I was seriously injured in Vladikavkaz before the championship of the USSR, when I was the number one in the team of the USSR. The doctors gave up, I spent six months in the hospital, confined to a bed, and there was no hope that I was going to walk. When I started working, the doctors looked at me like I was crazy and said “You will be in a wheelchair for life”. A year later, I was the silver medalist at the Games of the USSR. When I came out, I was lucky with the coach, in Dagestan this was Majid Magomedovich Magomedov, and then I moved to Belarus, I was invited and given a flat, all the conditions were created, I was invited by a three-time Olympic champion, Merited Coach of the USSR, Honored Master of Sports, three-time standard-bearer of our Olympic Team Alexander Vasilyevich Medved. This was my coach, and he believed in me. Before the Games of Soviet Peoples he told me: you do not have to fight, please wait for a year. I said: no, I’ll fight. They said that it could be dangerous. I said: let it be. I won the first fight with one Olympic champion, then the second fight. These were the most difficult battles I went through. When I told that I was fighting, doctors did not believe. The next year we were ready for the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. I won this year’s European Championship, and the Championship of the Soviet Union. It was nice that I was the first champion of Europe among the Ingush and the first Olympic opportunity to get to the Olympics. I think that the work was justified – all performances always left their mark, and it seemed like that friends in the republic were supporting you and then you must not let them down.

– As for the upcoming elections in the republic, how would you comment on the situation?

– There is a law on elections which is true for the Republic of Ingushetia. We know that there will be elections of the head of the republic in September. Today very much is made by the head of the republic. I sometimes even say – he does so much, and this is not shown, but it is necessary to show it like lessons. Because today I ran myself, I saw when I pulled out people in 1992, the hostages, who were not closely involved in any process – they were deputies, and this all happened in front of our eyes, each made his great feat. We did not even wear a police uniform, people were not protected. We need a stable republic. Stable republic can only be as it is today.

By Vestnik Kavkaza